Compound Temperature Guidelines

The following is offered as a general guide of temperature ranges of various elastomers which may be specified by the purchaser.   We cannot guarantee the accuracy nor assume responsibility for use thereof.   Several factors must always be considered when selecting an elastomer for a rubber part.   Examples of variables which could affect the selection include;

  1. Part application or end use.
  2. Compound source, grade or other specific characteristics.
  3. Environmental exposures such as chemicals, air, sunlight, ozone, friction etc.
  4. Source and type of heat or cold.  For example the temperature may be generated or affected by friction, equipment (i,e blowers or coolers), temperature of liquid (i,e hot water vs.  cold water)

In light of the above factors, it is always best to test.

Compound Description




Buna - S, Styrene Butadiene

-25 / 180°F -25 / 200°F

Nitrile (75 +- 5)

Buna - N, NBR

-30 / 200°F -10 / 225°F

Neoprene (75 +-5)

CR, Chloroprene

-25 / 200°F -25 / 250°F

EPDM (75 +-5)

EPM, Ethylene Propylene

-30 / 225°F -10 / 250°F

Fluoroelastomer (75 +-5)


-10 / 450°F -20 / 500°F

Intermittent use is generally defined as 1-2 hours at a time

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